Grown Ups

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Its not just about the young people! Our group would not, and could not operate if it wasn't for the amazing and talented adult volunteers that give up their time to lead the sections, help the leaders to run activities, keep a check on our finances, do the paperwork, keep our equipment tidy, wash up and tidy away after the kids and everything else behind the scenes that means that the group can run a really good programme for the children. Its a truly rewarding experience, and a lot of fun. Our only requirement is that you will be subject to a DBS check for safeguarding. Here are the adult information forms that we would need you to complete in order to start the DBS process.

We are always on the lookout for adults to come and help, whether as a leader or assistant, occasional helper, or as member of our executive committee to help make sure that the resources are there for the leaders to run the sessions.

There are loads of ways that you could help, so if you have any special skill, a PhD in knot tying, a super power, a big van with a tow bar, or just willing to give up a little time every now and then to help out, we would love to hear from you!

In case you missed them, here are the forms that we will ask you to complete when your child joins. We keep all of your information private, and will delete it after your child leaves us.